DJ Jaz1

M87:Summer Sessions Vol.2 by Jaz1 on Mixcloud

In today’s world seems like there are a million dj’s that inhabit the planet. If you ask these dj’s why they do what they do, you will get a million different answers. Some may say that its the popularity or fame that they chase, while others may say they do it for the fans or the adrenaline rush. When the same question arose to Joshua Newborn (DJ Jaz1) , he replied “That’s easy… I love music. Since I was a young child my parents constantly fed me great music, Marvin Gaye, Van Morrison, Bob Marley and Prince were always present in our household. This made me fall in love with music and at the ripe age of 15 I got my first pair of turntables and a mixer. From that point on I never stopped playing music for people because it makes my soul feel complete.”


DJ Jaz1 has played at venues all over the country and in 2013 made his first DJ appearance at the High Times Cannabis Cup in Los Angeles. Where he rocked it so well that he was flown all over the country for the events in other states. His style ranges from Hip-Hop and R&B to Funk and House music but he has also been known to throw down a great reggae set. To name a few of Jaz1’s recent clients for his DJ services: The Society of Saint Vincent De Paul, The Honeyspot, The UNCF, LAWeekly, BizBash, BC Bud Depot, Noor, Pasadena Convention Center, Quake in the Cage MMA events and The Scene Magazine plus numerous others.

When you are looking for a DJ that can read any crowd and control any dance floor, you need look no further.