Mission statement:

To bless the the world with precision sound and original music provided by team of highly talented individuals. Fortified by over a decade of experience in artistic, technical and musical fields.

We hold the key to world class sound.

The Organization

The idea of M87:Blackhole Entertainment was conceived in a smoke filled studio in Pasadena back in 2007.  Joshua Newborn was known for having after hour sessions where musicians would collaborate, play guitars and sing into the wee hours of the morning. Jaewon Choe of the indie band Weatherground was a key player in these sessions, performing original pieces music with groups of people watching mesmerized by his talent. People would come to these gatherings and get so caught up in the energy that they would spend not just days but weeks there recording. This gave the studio the nickname “The Blackhole” because you would get sucked into it.  Such as Mike Rodgers a young man hailing from Indiana, He too got caught in the vortex. Mike’s talent was so explosive, it raised the bar for the Blackhole Studio and its productions. Joshua decided to form M87:Blackhole Entertainment, originally structured as a record label to act as an umbrella for all these amazing artists. M87 being the largest black hole in the universe, Joshua was preparing for this to be epic. Other singers such as the soulful Brittani Cherelle and Paulina Vallin have contributed to the catalog of music through the years.  In 2011 the label had a launch party and that is when Django Craig began to hang out in the studio. After recording a few tracks, Django also known as Oxygen Eternal became co-host of the web series  “It’s DabTime” produced by M87.  As the label began branching out with things like video and event production it title of entertainment company became more significant. In 2013 M87 hosted The Hollywood Harvest Fest which showcased a bunch of local talent and some headlining hip hop acts like Aceyalone and Funkdoobiest.  That event lead to a landmark year in 2014 when Son Doobie of Funkdoobiest graced the studio and recorded some original music that was distributed all around the world.  Today M87:Blackhole Entertainment thrives by renting sound systems, providing photo/audio/video services and recording original stellar music.

The Founder

Joshua Newborn was born in Hollywood California in 1977, he is son to Arthur and Laurel Newborn also Los Angeles natives. One of his fathers most cherished possessions were two large crates of vinyl records which he kept in a closet in the hallway of their home. Also inside the closet was a record player, his father would often play albums before dinner which filled the household up with a great energy. Prince, Marvin Gaye, Van Morrison, The Temptations and The Ramsey Lewis Trio were just a few of the names held in his fathers collection.  He would often see his father sitting in front of the closet with headphones on, not just listening to the music but studying it and breaking it down. It wasn’t long until Joshua started digging into the records and listening to these works of art. So began Joshua’s love affair with music. Around the age of 10 Joshua’s cousin Lin who was a bit older, gave him a cassette tape that would change his life in a major way. That cassette was “Run DMC Raising Hell” and from that point on Joshua studied Hip Hop music like his father did the records. On his 15th birthday his mother bought him two turntables and a mixer, he then began the sacred craft of djing inspired by Herbie Hancock’s Rocket video. In high school Joshua was part of a hip hop group called “The Psychedelics” which toured local colleges and had a talent for causing trouble. After graduating high school Joshua enrolled in Pasadena City College where he began to study Synthesizers and Midi technology as it began to evolve. He spent a lot of time in the college studio creating his own music with a young man named Jaime Munson who later down the road would be known as DJ Poet named Life, a producer and dj for the Black Eyed Peas.  After college Joshua got a job at The Guitar Center and spent next three years managing the warehouse. That was a time of great musical growth for him, everyday before work all the warehouse guys would arrive early and play instruments before the clocked in. Every day it was something different, drums then guitars and occasionally jumping in the DJ room to perfect his cuts with the scratch master DJ Cyberia. His hard work and dedication at the Guitar Center allowed him to cross paths with a Jazz Drummer by the name of Paul Lines. Paul was the founder of The Pasadena Jazz institute a school for young aspiring Jazz musicians. He also held a concert series hosting the biggest names in Jazz Music called Jazz on the Terrace which was held on a beautiful rooftop in Pasadena. After filling in for the sound engineer at the concerts a few times, Paul took notice of Joshua’s talents in the world of sound and made him the lead sound engineer for all his events. They had been working together for a couple years when Paul was offered a space to teach his kids in the Paseo Colorado Mall.  During the day the children were taught and in the evening the place turned into a Jazz Nightclub called the J.I. Lounge. By this time Paul’s faith in Joshua’s abilities was very strong and he appointed him General Manager of the nightclub.  The club hosted tons of the greatest Jazz musicians on the planet like Gerald Clayton, Barbara Morrison, Ernie Andrews, Spankie Wilson, Michael Buble and Jeff Hamilton.  Joshua was the overseer on sound for each show and made sure that the professionals sounded professional.  You would often find legends sitting at the bar chatting with Joshua (who also was bar tending there)  people like Nolan Shaheed (Marvin Gaye’s Musical Director), John Avila (Bassist Oingo Boingo) and the late great Derrick Finch a  genius from the USC music program.  Great things never last and the J.I. Lounge soon fell victim to a buy out. Joshua got a call from a friend needing help with covering a sound engineer shift at a local club called “The Little Temple”. Once again his hard work shined through and he was asked to be one of the main sound engineers for the club. He spent two years at The Little Temple working with iconic dee jays such as Mr. Choc, Cut Chemist and Anthony Valadez(KCRW) making the club sound excellent. He was often given praise by the dj’s that played there and one particular dj by the name of Sloepoke dubbed him as one of the best live sound engineers in Los Angeles.  The owners of the Little Temple began placing Joshua in the other nightclub they owned in Santa Monica called Zanzibar. Zanzibar eventually became home and is where Joshua currently works. There he has worked with huge names like his childhood inspiration KRS1 and Jeremy Sole (KCRW).  This whole time through all of these experiences Joshua has been producing original music and djing all over Los Angeles.  In conversation the other day I asked Joshua “Whats the trick to doing all this?” He replied, “I once had a conversation with Russell Simmons and asked him for words of advice to an aspiring producer, He said Persistence is key, and I live by that.”



M87= Messier 87 the largest recorded black hole in the universe.

Our team is a collective of very special, hardworking people.  These are visionaries that understand the power of music and wield it with a sense of class and sophistication.


Our goal is to produce original sounding tunes that expand your consciousness and elevate your feelings to a higher state. Our music opens you up and introduces you to a very special one of a kind experience.  With the broad range of musical talent on our label you get a full spectrum of genre flavors. Influences that include soul, electronic, jazz, indie and funk come together in a blend, creating a solid new sound sure to be labeled in the future as classic.